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At first, Stallman viewed these notices with alarm. Rare was the software program that didn't borrow source code from past programs, and yet, with a single stroke of the president's pen, Congress had given programmers and companies the power to assert individual authorship over communally built programs. It also injected a dose of formality into what had otherwise been an informal system.

"He used to be so conservative," she says, throwing up her hands in mock exasperation. "We used to have the worst arguments right here at this table. I was part of the first group of public city school teachers that struck to form a union, and Richard was very angry with me. He saw unions as corrupt. He was also very opposed to social security. He thought people could make much more money investing it on their own. Who knew that within 10 years he would become so idealistic? All I remember is his stepsister coming to me and saying, `What is he going to be when he grows up? A fascist?'"

When he wasn't working on official projects such as Sussman's automated circuit-analysis program, Stallman devoted his time to pet projects. It was in a hacker's best interest to improve the lab's software infrastructure, and one of Stallman's biggest pet projects during this period was the lab's editor program TECO.


Event 4

With no dorm and no desire to return to New York, Stallman followed a path blazed by Greenblatt, Gosper, Sussman, and the many other hackers before him. Enrolling at MIT as a grad student, Stallman rented an apartment in nearby Cambridge but soon viewed the AI Lab itself as his de facto home.

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التواصل اللساني - المجلد التاسع عشر 2018

  • كيف نحمي العربية رقميا ؟
  • يصدر هذا المجلد الخاص باستخدام المدونات الرقمية في تعليم العربية لغة ثانية، في خضم الجدل الدائر حول حماية هذه اللغة من التلف والضعف والهوان الذي لحق بها في السنين الأخيرة، سواء على يد أبنائها  أو لأسباب خارجية، وهذا المجلد يقف بنا وقفة متأمل في هذا الجانب لنلخص فيه القول من خلال المعطيات العلمية المصورنة، بوصفها السبيل إلى سد الفجوة الرقمية بيننا وبين لغات الأرض التي تستخدمها الشعوب المتقدمة، والسبيل الوحيد للعرب لولوج مجتمع المعرفة بلساننا العربي المبين.

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صدور المجلد 18 من مجلة التواصل اللساني

نزفّ صدور هذا المجلد من مجلة "التواصل اللساني" الدولية لكل من يعنى بالعربية لسانًا وثقافة وتاريخًا حضاريًا؛ إذ نقدّمه عددًا خاصًا في اليوم العالمي للغة العربية لعام 2017م احتفاءً بالعربية لغة تمدّ الجسور بين الأمم والثقافات وبين الماضي والحاضر عابرة الزمان والمكان.

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